Thursday, June 9, 2016

Turkey Travels: Europe June -August 2016

Months before we left for our second Europe adventure I kept seeing turkeys. First siting, two ran through our back yard. Second, we had to stop our car to avoid running over a falmily of them. Then while visiting a friend (yes you April) a large Tom was spotted in the back of her yard. She had never seen one on her property before. Why turkeys? They live in Northern Indiana but we don't see them that often. A little animal research unveiled their spirit represents abundance, from the North Americans' perspective at least. Of course, they are a signature of Thanksgiving, a time of reconiging what the year has brought and a time of gathering and sharing all the goodness of the year. Abundance seems right.  What better spirit to send us off into another summer of travel. It is abundantly good for Colin and his research to move near his lab but in truth it is quite a treat for Calum, Hadley and I to spend the summer exploring new places and spending time with each other. This summer we are hoping to make it to Italy to see streets made of water and Roman coliseums. We are also planning on visiting London to see Ethne, Colin's mom. We are staying on the French/Swiss border again so each day is an adventure just leaving the apartment. We have fresh bread and produce half a block away.

So turkeys it is, our turkey travels. Strangely we even stopped in Turkey to change planes. A new stamp in the passport and the beginning of our adventure. We has a safe flight, and Turkish beans, roasted meats and mango desert on the plane. We are off to a nice start. Here are some pictures out our apartment windows. This home is located at the bace of the Mont Seleve (picture one) about 15 minutes form lake Geneva (picture two). Picture three is the boys watching Mindcraft videos their current favorite thing to watch. We will be here for the first month and then we are heading to a place right next to CERN. 

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